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Women have always fantasized about their ideal partner, but it’s interesting trying understand why we are now settling for living with that ideal, instead of gettign out there and meeting real men.

When you turn 40, and have been through few major emotional disspaintments, you are certainly afraid of getting hurt again. It takes some effort to invest that emotional energy on finding the right person to share your life with, supspecting your expectations might get schattered once again.

It takes a lot of digning to find Mr. Right.

But… That’s the problem! Mr. Right as the ultimate goal of our emotional happiness.

And Mr. Right as the embodiment of our new expectations in men.

Nowdays, women have economic indpendency and higher standards when it comes to date. We are re-shaping the whole dating scene and narrative, and posing many questions to the traditional masculinity.

All these issues are incredibly interesting to research and debate under the light of our new agency.

Despite finding someone is totally a legimitate wish to fulfil… Why are still so focused on that narrative: Be happy forever after when you find the One?

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